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Introduction - The wait is almost over! After many years of preparation and planning Co-Owners is now close to becoming a reality. This year we are set to launch one of the most exciting financial services companies in the marketplace today. We anticipate that Co-Owners will become a leading Financial Rewards Community with millions of members spending billions of dollars a year through our financial services products.
What is a Financial Rewards Community? - Imagine a company that provides its members with financial services products, but also returns 50% of the company’s total revenue to its members in the form of rewards. Imagine if those rewards could be earned by spending money on a prepaid card, referring other members into the program earning profit sharing rewards on the spending of others, or staying loyal to the program. Imagine that those rewards could be converted into travel, cash back, or even stock in the company itself? This is Co-Owners and the opportunity for co-ownership for its members.
Initial Financial Product Offering - As its FIRST product, Co-Owners is planning to launch with a reloadable MasterCard branded prepaid card in 2014 with a unique set of rewards attached to card usage and membership in Co-Owners.
The Co-Owners Crowdfunding Campaign - Before we officially launch we will be offering you the chance to become part of a group we call our “Co-Owners Founders”. A limited number of Founder positions will be offered ONLY through our crowdfunding campaign, prior to our launch in 2015. You will be able to secure a Founders perk in this campaign and be part of a very select group of Co-Owners’ members that will be classified as lifetime Founders, and benefit from a series of perks specially reserved and never again available to other members.

Become a part of the Co-Owners movement and secure your place as a Co-Owners Founder

Diamond Founder: $500 Click Here To Purchase
The Diamond Founder Perk

  - Lifetime recognition as a Co-Owners Diamond Founder
- $500 worth of Co-Owners Rewards Points which can be converted into future stock or travel rewards
- Special Diamond Founders Reloadable Prepaid card with 1 gram of solid gold nugget (present value $40) imbeded in the plastic card upon launch
- Earn Triple Reward points for the first two years of membership
- Diamond Founders dedicated Concierge number and premium benefits for redeeming rewards for travel
- Featured Placement of Diamond Founder on the Co-Owners Home Page - This special perk is designed to increase referrals and sign-ups for the Diamond Founder.  This perk will be active during the first two years after launch.
- Invitation to become an exclusive member of the Co-Owners Advisory Board
- Limited Edition Co-Owners embossed Genuine Leather Business Card Holder
- Imprinted polo “Black Golf Shirt" with Co-Owners Diamond Founder group logo
About Co-Owners Inc.
Co-Owners Inc. was formed to offer consumers a dynamic new rewards program and competitive financial products and services. Co-Owners Inc. is a Florida C Corporation, incorporated in 2004, headquartered in Tampa. Now organized with a management team to launch the Co-Owners prepaid card in the United States in 2015.
Management Team
Thomas Nash: Chief Executive Officer
Since 1996, CEO of Xalles Limited, international management consulting firm with staff in 12 countries across 5 continents, specializing in the Financial Supply Chain and payment solutions.Provided strategic business advice to more than 200 firms worldwide including consulting to Citi Group, MasterCard, CGI, Canadian Pacific Railway, the U.S. Department of Defense as well as multiple Governments. Part of executive team currently launching a prepaid card company in Brazil.

Will Lakoff: Chief Information Officer
Over 30 years of business and technical experience through his work directing financial systems initiatives and systems operations, including AOL, MCI and MasterCard.

Tracey Renaud: Chief Operation Officer

Over 20 years of extensive business and technical experience through her work with financial eCommerce systems implementations.  

David Avne: VP of Marketing and Sales

Expert in Internet sales, eCommerce, and financial services products. Developed the Powernet Internet Content Program, which was the main marketing vehicle that built an 80,000 membership base for the organization within the first month.

If you have further questions please contact us at: info@coownersinc.com

Co-Owners, Inc.
Station Square Office Center
Suite 1106
628 Cleveland Street Suite
Clearwater, Florida 33755

Notes and Disclaimers:

The initial launch of Co-Owners pre-paid cards will be available to be issued to any legal residents of the United States of America. The cards can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted worldwide.

Issuance of the reloadable prepaid cards is dependent on approval by MasterCard, and the issuing depository bank.

The ability to convert reward points into Co-Owners stock is dependent on Co-Owners Inc. becoming a publicly traded company in the United States.

The above listed crowdfunding campaign perks in no way constitute an offer for stock in Co-Owners Inc. or any other entity.

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